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In founding the Hungarian Biopolymer Association, the founding members were motivated to establish a professional non-governmental organization in Hungary that could represent the spread and use of biopolymers in society, politics and the media in a comprehensible but professionally competent way for sustainable development and the circular economy. The great advantage of our organization is that the founding members operate in sectors or sectors directly related to the life cycle of biopolymers (agriculture, plastics, waste management), have extensive professional experience in their respective fields, so we can be credible and jointly represent the circular economy model.

It is extremely important to us that we can only imagine the future of biopolymers with maximum consideration for environmental aspects, as these materials can only be good alternatives to traditional plastics if they also meet sustainability criteria.

An important motivating factor for us is that biopolymers can represent new business opportunities and markets not only for the plastics industry, but also for other sectors such as agriculture and waste management.

We hope that our work will help to promote the expansion of biopolymers in Hungary and thus the emergence of new market opportunities for the actors of society and economic life.

We look forward to finding individuals and companies in the future who can identify with our aspirations and membership and want to support our activities and participate in or assist our work.

Hungarian Biopolymer Association


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Hungarian Biopolymer Association consists of all the founding, regular, supporting and honorary members. We are looking for individuals and companies who agree with the goals and activities described in our Articles of Association and would like to help and support our work with their membership.

The completed and signed form is available in scanned form at info@hubp.org. Admission to membership is decided by the General Assembly of the Hungarian Biopolymer Association on the basis of the pre-filled Entry Declaration.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!